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Hire Stuff: ski jackets, salopettes and snow boots for £15 each or £40 ski package (jacket, salopettes and boots).

Buy Stuff: socks, goggles, gloves and other accessories as priced.

A holiday in the snow doesn't have to be all about skiing, there are so many other activities you can do!!!

Are you unsure of what to wear while skiing?
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What equipment do I need?

You don’t need to buy much at this stage. Beginners should always rent their skis (or snowboard) and boots in the resort: booked in advance through your tour operator or online at a site such as Prices can vary from £50-£300 for six days, depending on the resort and the time of year, although £110is more normal. Get a helmet, too — usually about £15 extra. On top of that, you’ll need goggles, a ski jacket and trousers, gloves, a base layer (thermals) and some fleeces or jumpers. A small rucksack is also a good idea.

If you can’t borrow from friends, rent your jacket and trousers — £30 a week at Ski Stuff (01548 830953, It’s probably best to buy goggles and gloves (from about £20 each). Go to your local ski shop, rather than looking online, to make sure they fit. TK Maxx is worth checking out for cut-price ski kit.

You’ll also need a lift pass. Sometimes these are sold as part of a holiday package, but usually you’ll need to buy them separately, either through your tour operator or from the ticket office at the base of the lifts in the resort. You can pay anything from £90 to £280 in Europe, depending on the size and celebrity of the resort. Always check to see if there’s a cheaper local pass to the slopes immediately around your resort, which is all you’ll need as a beginner.

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