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        At Ski-Stuff it's easy, you either
           hire ski stuff or buy ski stuff. 

Hire Stuff: ski jackets, salopettes and snow boots for £15 each
             or £40 ski package (jacket, salopettes and boots).

Buy Stuff: socks, goggles, gloves and other accessories as priced.
                     To Order Stuff: Click the items you like.
                                                  Click 'Add to Basket'.
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                                                  Click 'Send',
                                                  We will get back to you asap,

Snow is not just for skiiing,
it's also for fun!!

Are you unsure of what to wear while skiing?
Have a look at our FAQ which will tell you what you'll need. If you have any other questions just phone
 or email.  

We want you to have a fantastic time skiing and
you will if you have the right clothes!

 Our business has grown through our
website and personal recommendations 

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